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Traps Advanced Endpoint Protection HIPAA Validation

In this report, Coalfire describes how Traps assists organizations satisfy the HIPAA Security Rule and Breach Notification Rule.
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Traps Advanced Endpoint Protection PCI Validation

In this report, Coalfire outlines how Traps assists organizations meet the requirements of PCI Data Security Standard (DSS) (v3.2).
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Securing Microsoft Environments on the Network, in the Cloud, on the Endpoint

Overview of how the Palo Alto Networks security platform can protect Microsoft environments from the network, to the cloud to the endpoint. Discussions include hardware and virtualized form-factor firewalls, security for Office 365 and Azure, and protection for endpoints and servers.
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ICS / SCADA Use Case: Windows-based Endpoint Security

How do operators/owners of ICS/SCADA systems prevent targeted and zero-day attacks from exploiting software vulnerabilities within their ICS and SCADA networks?
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Getting Started With a Zero Trust Approach to Network Security

Zero Trust is an alternative security model that addresses the shortcomings of failing perimeter-centric strategies by removing the assumption of trust. With Zero Trust there is no default trust for any entity—including users, devices, applications, and packets—regardless of what it is and its location on or relative to the corporate network. This paper discusses the need for a Zero Trust approach to network security, how the Palo Alto Networks® next-generation security platform delivers on these requirements, and provides guidance on how to progressively migrate to a Zero Trust architecture. This White Paper is available in: Chinese (simple), Chinese (traditional), French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, and Spanish.
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The Value of the Next-Generation Security Platform

See how the Next-Generation Security Platform has helped customers improve their security posture and reduce their total cost of ownership.
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Migrating to Panorama

Panorama network security management provides a streamlined transition from individually managed next-generation firewalls to a centrally managed security network.
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Firewall Buyer's Guide

See the ten critical business requirements that your next firewall should address and how to create an RFP for the vendor/solution selection process.
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Government Endpoint Use Case

Read how government endpoints can be protected against today’s threat environment with minimal disruptions to operations while meeting the needs of end users.
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Security Reference Blueprint for Banking IT

The Security Reference Blueprint for Banking IT provides a framework in which banks can secure their network, users, and applications using the core capabilities of Palo Alto Networks next-generation security platform.
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Network Segmentation as a Business Enabler for Financial Services

As part of a layered security philosophy, network segmentation helps financial institutions survive intrusions and minimize or prevent data breaches. Read more.
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10 Things Your Next Firewall Must Do

For enterprises looking at NGFWs, will this new technology empower your security teams to securely enable applications to the benefit of the organization?
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Securing the Virtualized Data Center with Next-Generation Firewalls

As your organization evolves from traditional data centers to virtualized and cloud environments, your security architectures must evolve to support your changing set of requirements. This white paper describes the challenges of virtualized data center and cloud computing environments, and how to address them with next-generation firewalls.
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Top Recommendations to Prevent Ransomware

Read this whitepaper for specific recommendations to prevent ransomware in large organizations.
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Best Practices: Securing System & Application Vulnerabilities on the Network

Download this white paper to learn best practices to protecting systems and applications from vulnerabilities, and preventing known threats on the network.
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Best Practices - Data Center Security

See how Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Security Platform helps you to implement an effective Zero Trust security model to protect your data center assets.
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Meeting CSIP Objectives With an Automated and Preventive Security Approach

Every day, the U.S. federal government experiences increasingly sophisticated and persistent cyberthreats. The government is expending significant resources to ensure the cybersecurity of federal networks, systems and data remains a top priority.
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Security Framework Guide for Business Leaders

This white paper gives corporate leaders a practical framework for addressing the people, process and technology elements of the cybersecurity challenge.
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Network Security Management For Dummies

Today’s enterprise security deployments require a network security management solution that provides the following: • Centralized administration with automated and stream-lined management and configuration processes • Greater network visibility with comprehensive reporting across the entire network security environment • Prioritization of critical threats to enable faster, more effective incident response
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WildFire named a leader for Automated Malware Analysis

The Forrester Wave™: Automated Malware Analysis, Q2 2016 ranks WildFire as a leader in this space, through evaluation of its current offering, its market presence, and strategy.
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Securing SaaS For Dummies

Download Securing SaaS for Dummies now. You'll learn to find and control SaaS usage in your networks and protect sanctioned SaaS usage.
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Cybersecurity For Dummies

Next-generation cybersecurity provides visibility, control and integration of threat‐prevention disciplines needed to find and stop security threats.
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Tech Tips User-ID

Read our best practices for deploying user-based policies on your Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Firewall and tips for a smooth and successful implementation.
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Traps for Windows Server 2003

Learn how businesses can keep Windows Server 2003 systems compliant and secure, even after EOS, by using Palo Alto Networks Traps Advanced Endpoint Protection.
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Best Practices

Implementing a central management system to view and preside over your many firewall deployments can give you full visibility into your entire network and help you to orchestrate detection and protection based on real-time intelligence. This chapter highlights Palo Alto Networks’ methodology for implementing Panorama and our best practices for managing multiple firewalls.
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Secure Windows XP with Traps

Windows® XP end-of-life is a critical threat exposure for XP users. Security was one of the major drivers for Microsoft’s decision to end support for this operating system. No doubt, the intention was to urge enterprises to upgrade their systems. In reality, however, Windows XP systems are still deployed in many organizations. This technical brief outlines how Traps secures endpoint systems that run Windows XP, while enabling you to manage your XP upgrade policy at your own pace as you maintain acceptable levels of security and compliance.
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First Principles For Network Defenders: A Unified Theory For Security Practitioners

First principles in a designated problem space are so fundamental as to be self-evident; so true that no expert in the field can argue against them. Experts use them like building blocks to derive everything else that is worth -knowing in the problem domain. In this paper, we propose that the first principle for all network defenders is to prevent high-risk material impact to the organization.
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Traps HIPAA Compliance

Healthcare organizations are increasingly under attack by cybercriminals, putting sensitive patient information, such as medications, diagnoses and Social Security numbers, at risk. The Anthem breach in early 2015 exposed the fact that, despite substantial investments made in securing their networks to be HIPAA compliant, healthcare providers are not fully protected against advanced cyberattacks.
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Network Security in Virtualized Datacenters For Dummies

To realize the benefits of virtualization you must adapt your security architecture to address new challenges, and today's application and threat landscape. 2nd Edition.
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Next-Generation Firewalls For Dummies

This book provides an in-depth overview of next-generation firewalls. It examines the evolution of network security, the rise of Enterprise 2.0 applications and their associated threats, the shortcomings of traditional firewalls, and the advanced capabilities found in next-generation firewalls.
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