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What is a Botnet?

A bot is a piece of malware that infects a computer to carry out commands under the remote control of the attacker.
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Expanding Targets for New SunOrcal Malware Variant

Unit 42 has recently been investigating a new malware family called Reaver. While we have identified it as being active since late 2016, Reaver has been used sparingly, with only a small number of unique samples identified.
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Telstra and Palo Alto Networks Cybersecurity Roundtable

Watch Telstra’s Mike Burgess and Palo Alto Network’s Sean Duca in this Cybersecurity Roundtable hosted by The Australian.
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State of the Cybersecurity Nation: Legislation and Europe’s Security Professionals

With both the threat landscape evolving rapidly and regulatory requirements becoming more demanding, organisations are struggling to prepare for cybersecurity incidents. .
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Win the Cyberwar with Zero Trust

Zero Trust is revolutionizing network security architecture: it is data-centric and designed to stop data breaches. Zero Trust also adds a layer of agility to modern networks that is impossible to do in traditional network designs. These 21st century networks have been adopted by government entities and large enterprises around the world.
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Protect Workloads in the Hybrid Cloud

Public cloud infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) or Platform-as-a-service (PaaS) offerings, such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud Platform, can quickly and economically accommodate unexpected or temporary business computing workloads. Many aviation organizations are extending their private data centers to the public cloud for a hybrid cloud model for competitive and operational benefits. In the aviation industry, concerns over data, workloads, siloed legacy systems, processes, infrastructure security and latency are still a major concern. Regardless of where data resides, is ultimately the target of malicious entities. Learn how Palo Alto Networks is taking care of this challenge.
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Securing AWS GovCloud 

Explore the benefits of the Cybersecurity Framework and how Palo Alto Networks Security Operating Platform capabilities map to and fulfill CSF categories
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Securing the Mobile Workforce

In recent years, cybersecurity has emerged as one of the top concerns for the leadership of business and government organizations around the world. The troubling number of high-profile attacks targeting some of the largest companies in the world has led many to question whether adequate measures are in place on their own networks. Sophisticated attackers are employing new techniques to penetrate a network, and using methodologies to avoid detection by masking their activities in legitimate application traffic.
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Use Case Decrypt SSL and SSH Traffic

SSL-encrypted traffic is growing in government networks, resulting in multiple blind spots for security monitoring tools and creating an opportunity for attackers to hide malware. Many governments are considering or mandating the decryption of encrypted communications moving in and out of their networks. While traditional approaches favor dedicated SSL decryption appliances, these add latency, costs and increase time to resolution for security incide
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Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation

This white paper describes how the Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Security Platform, in combination with select technology and delivery partners, supports all three CDM phases and enables agencies to achieve the security objectives of the program.
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Navigating the Digital Age

Navigating the Digital Age includes advice and cybersecurity best practices from CEOs, CISOs, lawyers, consultants and former government officials.
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Navigating the Digital Age for the United Kingdom

Navigating the Digital Age includes advice and cybersecurity best practices from CEOs, CISOs, lawyers, consultants and former government officials for the UK.
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Navigating the Digital Age for Singapore

Navigating the Digital Age includes advice and cybersecurity best practices from CEOs, CISOs, lawyers, consultants and former government officials for Singapore.
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Navigating the Digital Age for Australia

Navigating the Digital Age includes advice and cybersecurity best practices from CEOs, CISOs, lawyers, consultants and former government officials for Australia.
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The Next Board Problem: Automatic Enterprise Security Orchestration — A Radical Change in Direction

Commercial boards and senior government officials may be the only groups capable of kick-starting this new and necessary direction in the evolution of cybersecurity...
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8 Imperatives for Governments to Defeat Advanced Threats

Advanced attacks are organized campaigns that leverage multiple techniques. Don’t be the government organization flying blind to attacks against your organization.
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Demo: Preventing Credential-Based Attacks

Watch our product managers and threat researchers demonstrate how protections in the Palo Alto Networks platform neutralize an attacker's ability to steal credentials, as well as stop them from abusing stolen credentials to gain unauthorized access.
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Government Brochure 

Governments around the world are undergoing change. Whether reducing data center footprints, virtualizing existing services to reduce costs and "go green", or advancing security strategies to thwart advanced attacks in the field or at home, governments are demanding more from their cybersecurity solutions today.
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Today’s Cybersecurity Challenges in Government

Palo Alto Networks meets the cybersecurity needs of its government customers by providing a future-proof platform with visibility, prevention and resilience.
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MeriTalk - Pedal to the Metal:
Mitigating New Threats Faster with Rapid Intel & Automation

Cyberattacks are one of the most pressing national security and economic concerns of governments around the world. Government agencies are taking an “all-in” approach to fight back, sharing more cyberthreat information with one another and purchasing threat feeds. However, with the influx of threat data, many agencies are having difficulty using these insights to update their sensors with real-time protection and reconfigure their defenses on the fly. And during a cyberattack, responding quickly is crucial to minimizing potential damage.
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Military Tactical Case Study

Read how Palo Alto Networks VM-Series Next-Generation Security Platform secures communications for mission-command applications for this military customer.
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Government Endpoint Use Case

Read how government endpoints can be protected against today’s threat environment with minimal disruptions to operations while meeting the needs of end users.
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Best Practices - Data Center Security

See how Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Security Platform helps you to implement an effective Zero Trust security model to protect your data center assets.
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The Advantages of User Awareness in Public Sector Network Security 

To serve their citizens, federal/national, state and local governments must gather, create, or process sensitive information. As various high-profile breaches have demonstrated, this data is not sufficiently protected, particularly from the insiders whose actions are responsible for the majority of public sector security incidents. 
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Meeting CSIP Objectives With an Automated and Preventive Security Approach 

Every day, the U.S. federal government experiences increasingly sophisticated and persistent cyberthreats. The government is expending significant resources to ensure the cybersecurity of federal networks, systems and data remains a top priority. This white paper: Gives a short backgrounder on the U.S. government’s Cybersecurity Strategy and Implementation Plan (CSIP). Describes how the Palo Alto Networks® Next-Generation Security Platform enables U.S. federal agencies to identify and protect High Value Assets (HVAs) and information and detect and rapidly respond to cyber incidents. Provides a case study on how one U.S. federal agency used Palo Alto Networks to help meet CSIP objectives.
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Scarlet Mimic

The Palo Alto Networks threat research team, Unit 42, has spent the last seven months investigating a series of attacks, determining that they are the result of a long-standing cyber espionage campaign. The campaign, which we refer to as “Scarlet Mimic,” has activity dating back over four years. The result of our analysis has allowed us to connect a series of disparate attacks into a coherent picture of the Scarlet Mimic operation, which has targeted human rights activists, as well as organizations with knowledge about these groups, including government entities.
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Uncover SSL-Encrypted Attacks in Government Networks

A comprehensive security strategy for federal and other government agencies requires in-depth analysis of encrypted traffic to detect and prevent hidden attacks and data leakage. As more Internet traffic is encrypted, increasing numbers of attackers, including state-sponsored actors, are using this technology to hide malware, and botnet-based command and control traffic to exfiltrate data and escalate the likelihood of successful attacks. Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Security Platform provides a combination of advanced capabilities to prevent undesired applications and malicious content, including the decryption and scrutinization of encrypted communications, along with Hardware Security Module (HSM) support for enhanced performance and security of certificate and key management.
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Moving Beyond Proxies

Proxy deployments today have outlived their usefulness and practicality. They have joined a long list of legacy security products, providing limited security functionality against today’s advanced threats. Once upon a time, Proxies fulfilled a need traditional firewalls could not meet: visibility into web traffic starting with categorization of HTTP and later HTTPS traffic. However, little to no emphasis was put on traffic and the vast number of applications utilizing other avenues of accessing corporate networks. Proxy vendors still over-emphasize the importance of HTTP and HTTPS traffic while downplaying the role of applications utilizing other entry points in cyber attacks. This whitepaper highlights the short comings of proxies, and showcases how a next generation security platform can provide faster, simpler and more comprehensive security. This white paper is available in Portuguese.
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Endpoint Epidemic Report

Federal agencies are facing an explosion of endpoints in both volume and variety. How are Federal IT managers handling this endpoint epidemic? What¹s the best approach to building an effective, practical, and enforceable endpoint strategy? What are the challenges and what¹s the path forward? To find out, MeriTalk and Palo Alto Networks examined endpoint security strategies and efforts across the U.S. Federal government, surveying 100 Federal IT managers and 100 non-IT Federal employees.
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