Safely enable internet access with prevention-focused firewalls

Safely enable users, applications and content

The network perimeter is exposed to a wide array of threats – including vulnerability exploits, denial-of-service attacks, spyware, port scans, highly evasive zero-day malware, identity theft, data leakage and more – because it’s one of the most common ways for an attacker to gain access to your network.

To protect your network from cyberattacks and improve your overall security posture, it’s important to safely enable applications across all ports, for all users, all the time – while simultaneously scanning traffic for both known and new threats. In addition, the ability to identify alarming activity and potential threats is critical.

Next-generation firewalls from Palo Alto Networks deliver on the demands, securing your network perimeter with a prevention-focused architecture and multi-gig throughput. The PA-3200 Series and PA-3000 Series appliances provide dedicated hardware resources for networking, security, signature matching and management functions, ensuring predictable performance. The appliances deliver high decryption throughput and SSL session capacity so you can secure encrypted traffic without slowing down your business. Now you can simplify your deployments, and uncover and stop hidden threats without compromising privacy.

PA-3200 Series

Predictable performance and broad threat coverage for the internet edge

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PA-3000 Series

Multi-gigabit throughput to prevent attacks on the internet edge

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PA-5200 Series

No-compromise security and high-performance versatility for enterprise data centers and service providers

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Panorama™ network security management empowers you with easy-to-implement, consolidated policy creation and management. Set up and control next-generation firewalls centrally with an efficient rule base, and gain insight into network-wide threats.

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