A Mini-Ignite For Palo Alto Networks Japan

Jul 03, 2014
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We recently held two Palo Alto Networks Day Seminars in major cities in Japan: Osaka on June 24, and Tokyo on June 26. With about 450 attendees total, we welcomed the largest attendance we've have ever had at a Palo Alto Networks seminar in the country.

These Palo Alto Networks Day Seminars were like “mini” versions of Ignite, our user conference that took place in Las Vegas back in April. Like Ignite, VMware and Aruba Networks sponsored the event and conducted sessions.

Let's look at some scenes from our mini-Ignite in Japan:

Panorama view
Palo Alto Networks Day Seminar in Tokyo. The seminar room was full from beginning to end.

Scott Gainey, Vice President of Product Marketing and Programs, gave the keynote session. As Scott explained, attackers must perform several steps to steal data successfully. By utilizing Palo Alto Networks next-generation enterprise security platform, our customers have visibility at each level of the "kill chain."

Koichiro Otobe, Director of Systems Engineering, explained the enterprise security platform and how the endpoint is ripe for attack. That's something Palo Alto Networks will address with our upcoming endpoint solution, protecting users from advanced exploitation techniques using technology we recently acquired through Cyvera.

Motonori Shindo, a Technical Leader at VMware, explained Palo Alto Networks VM-Series as an important component in the software-defined data center.

Kenichi Miwa, Manager of Systems Engineering, outlined how Palo Alto Networks can protect virtual environments and operate efficiently.

Yutaka Ikeda, Senior Technical Consultant at Aruba Networks, detailed the latest Aruba solution and how Aruba and Palo Alto Networks work together.

Akira Hayashi, Manager of Systems Engineering, gave a demonstration of the Global Protect Mobile Security Manager to explain how Palo Alto Networks manages and protect devices, as well as the data those mobile devices access.

Tsugunori Sugawara, Senior Product Marketing Manager, introduced recent examples of attacks and explained how customers can address these advanced attacks.

Expert Lab
Just like Ignite, we also had an Expert Lab in place at which attendees could ask questions and watch demos by the Palo Alto Networks System Engineering team.

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