Better Threat Intelligence and Information Sharing Among Global Retailers

Jun 30, 2015
1 minutes

The increasing volume and sophistication of cyber threats means all organizations must evolve their security posture. This is especially important in retail: a business environment in which undetected cyber attacks can negatively affect customer loyalty and hurt brand reputation among consumers.

Helping retailers realize the benefits of next-generation security -- and prevent breaches -- is one reason Palo Alto Networks has joined the Retail Cyber Intelligence Sharing Center (R-CISC) through its Associate Member Program. The Associate Member Program allows the R-CISC's retailer and commercial services member organizations to collaborate and share threat intelligence and critical cybersecurity information in real time with the industry's leading security solutions providers.

Our participation in R-CISC means that R-CISC members will receive access to Palo Alto Networks threat intelligence, including information on advanced attacks, campaigns and adversaries from the AutoFocus and WildFire services, and the Unit 42 research and analysis team.

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