Working with Panorama Templates

Jul 03, 2015
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What are Panorama Templates?

To use Panorama for managing Palo Alto Networks firewalls, you must add the firewalls as managed devices and then assign them to device groups and templates. Panorama Templates allow you manage the configuration options on the Device and Network tabs on the managed firewalls. Using templates you can define a base configuration for centrally staging new firewalls and then make device-specific exceptions in configuration, if required. For example, you can use templates to define administrative access to the device, set up User-ID, manage certificates, set up the firewalls in a high availability pair, define log settings, and define server profiles on the managed firewalls.

How can I create a template?

Until you add a template on Panorama, the Device and Network tabs required to define the network set up elements and device configuration elements on the firewall will not display.

When creating templates, make sure to assign similar devices to a template. For example, group devices with a single virtual system in a one template and devices enabled for multiple virtual systems in another template, or group devices that require very similar network interface and zone configuration in a template.

After adding a template you can then use the template to administer a base configuration.

To delete/remove a template, you must first Disable/Remove Template Settings on the managed firewall locally.

Where can I find tips on troubleshooting template commit failures?

If you receive commit errors after creating and committing a template, see the topic diagnose and resolve template commit failures.

For more information on working with templates, see Manage Firewalls in the Panorama Administrator’s Guide Version 6.1.


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