Ignite 2017 Open Seats: Securing the Host for Sensitive Applications: Running Your VMs and Containers Safely

Apr 27, 2017
2 minutes

Ignite ’17 Security Conference is right around the corner. To get you ready for the premier security conference of the year, we’ll be spotlighting our top session each day on the blog. Register now, seats fill up quickly!

VMs and Containers include much sensitive data: from firewall rules to financial records, from customer data to encryption keys. We know that when we design and operate applications which contain or manage sensitive data that we need to worry about how we process that data, encrypt it, hash it, transport it, store it. What we may not think about is the host on which that those VMs and Containers are running.

This session will examine many of the questions you need to ask about the host you are running your virtualized applications on, and what steps and techniques you can adopt to ensure that the software and hardware on the host in your private or public cloud is working FOR your sensitive data, and not AGAINST it.


Ignite ’17 Security Conference: Vancouver, BC June 12–15, 2017

Ignite ’17 Security Conference is a live, four-day conference designed for today’s security professionals. Hear from innovators and experts, gain real-world skills through hands-on sessions and interactive workshops, and find out how breach prevention is changing the security industry. Visit the Ignite website for more information on tracks, workshops and marquee sessions.

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