Ignite 2017 Open Seats: Compliance Best Practices for DevOps

May 15, 2017
2 minutes

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In certain highly regulated industries, such as healthcare and finance, CISOs can often view the rapid pace of change and relative independence associated with DevOps as a compliance risk. At the same time, DevOps teams view compliance as a hindrance to agility and innovation.

However, when done properly, DevOps can actually ensure and strengthen compliance by incorporating automated policy enforcement into the development process. Building in orchestration and automation tools into the DevOps process saves a lot of headaches, human errors and misconfigurations. If DevOps organizations had the ability to test an application’s security policy compliance, similar to any other piece of code in development, through an automated workflow, software could be modified at the first signs of security risks and vulnerabilities.

In this session, CISOs will learn the many benefits behind automating the DevOps process for security compliance, including:

  • How to bring order to a “wild wild west” landscape where anyone has access to production systems and data
  • Closing the lid on security skills gap by enabling DevOps teams to audit new solutions and applications
  • Eliminating wasted time and the potential for human error from manual tasks
  • Reducing amount of data breaches and security risks
  • Enabling continuous compliance for companies facing PCI DSS, HIPAA, and additional regulations

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