Tech Docs: Release Highlights for GlobalProtect Cloud Service 1.2

Oct 04, 2018
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Release Highlights:

The GlobalProtect cloud service 1.2 release introduces the following improvements for mobile user gateway selection:

  • Mobile users now connect more reliably to a GlobalProtect cloud service gateway that is inside the country from which they are connecting. This gateway selection is automatic.
  • Mobile users can manually select a specific GlobalProtect cloud service gateway from the GlobalProtect app on their endpoint.
  • In a hybrid deployment with a mix of on-premise and GlobalProtect cloud service gateways, administrators can set priorities on the gateways to allow gateway preferences. You can also set source regions on the on-premise gateways, allowing users in that region to connect to that gateway and preventing users outside of that region from connecting to that gateway.

To get more details about these enhancements, see Manage Priorities for GlobalProtect Cloud Service and On-Premise Gateways in the GlobalProtect Cloud Service Getting Started Guide.

GlobalProtect cloud service 1.2 also includes the following additional enhancements in this release:

  • The Status area in Panorama (Panorama > Cloud Services > Status) provides additional details about service connections, remote networks, and mobile users.

tech docs

  • The number of allowable internal DNS domains is increased to 1,024.
  • The FQDNs of all GlobalProtect cloud service gateways are available for viewing in Panorama.


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