New and Enhanced Palo Alto Networks Support Offerings Elevate the Customer Experience

Nov 08, 2019
3 minutes

By Ed Metcalf, Director, Product Marketing, Services, Support, Education & Success Tools

Palo Alto Networks is known for our technological innovations, but we’re also dedicated to innovations that elevate the customer experience. We’ve created products to ensure each day is safer and more secure than the one before, and we know that the right level of support plays a foundational role in securing our customers’ success. That’s why we’ve designed a new high-end customer support experience, Platinum Support (effective Nov. 15th), and enhanced and enriched our Premium Support offering with Security Assurance.

We aim to be the partner of choice in protecting your digital way of life. We believe support offerings should help our customers gain the greatest value from our products in the shortest amount of time, keep Palo Alto Networks security solutions running at peak performance, and encourage customers to continuously follow best practices to improve their security posture. 

This means that we’ve designed our support offerings to help customers address issues as they arise, but also to inspire proactive behavior to improve security, such as optimizing policies, procedures and configurations from the start. 

The new Platinum Support offering is composed of three key elements:

  1. Enhanced Support Response Times — Platinum Support provides our fastest response times with a dedicated team of senior engineers to resolve support issues. We offer 15 minutes response time for severity 1 issues. 
  2. Security Assurance — In the event of suspicious activity on a customer’s network, Security Assurance gives access to our security experts with unique threat intelligence tools, security recommendations and best practices for the customer’s Palo Alto Networks footprint.
  3. Expert Assistance - Our professional support engineers can assist with pre-scheduled event support, on-site assistance and failure analysis.

By enriching our Premium Support offering with Security Assurance, customers can reach out to our experts in the event of a breach for assistance and recovery. 

Security Assurance, however, begins by seeking to prevent breaches through best practices. In too many instances, organizations suffer breaches due to configuration errors. That’s why our Best Practice Assessment is the first step to getting started with Security Assurance. From there, we encourage customers to implement policies and procedures that make them less likely to suffer breaches in the first place. 

For the most complete support we offer, we recommend pairing Platinum Support with Focused Services. This combines our most expedited customer support with a personalized and proactive support experience. 

Platinum Support covers Next-Generation Firewalls, VM-Series Firewalls and Panorama Platforms. 

Learn more about the benefits of Platinum Support.

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