The Cortex XSOAR Ecosystem is Exploding with Partner-Owned Integrations

Feb 24, 2020
3 minutes

A broad and open ecosystem is vital to the successful adoption of any security orchestration and automation (SOAR) platform, and we are proud that Cortex XSOAR has more technical partners than any product in the space. To fulfill our promise of maintaining neutrality, we are embracing partner integrations with security and non-security solutions used by SOCs and security incident response teams. We know we must have all the integrations that customers need and will not stop until we do; we’ve added over 100 integrations since Palo Alto Networks acquired Demisto in March 2019!


Building a Bigger Ecosystem

Today we have 360+ integrations with third party tools, some of which are built by our partners and some by our teams in-house. Our rock-star engineers continue to build, validate and support amazing integrations in our tried-and-true model: We receive product access from our partners, we architect and build the integration, and then we release it to our global install base. That same team updates and enhances each integration. 


Now We’re Pleased to Introduce Partner-Owned Integrations!

Technical partners can now architect, build, submit and support their own offerings built on Cortex XSOAR. This allows our partners – who know their products, users and use cases better than anyone – to expand their impact on their own time and schedule. Our next product release will feature these integrations with a special banner so customers know they are built and supported by our partners.

PCYSYS is building offerings for the Cortex XSOAR ecosystem.

SlashNext is building offerings for the Cortex XSOAR ecosystem.

Over a dozen partners have already participated in this new process:






Digital Defense












Our partner website has more information on partner-owned integrations. Take a look and learn how easy it is to join our platform.

And for those partners who are interested in joining our ecosystem but may be constrained by resources or roadmaps, we’re now able to connect you with software development companies that have been trained by, and have access to, our engineering team to reduce risk in the integration development lifecycle. Learn how trained software development companies can help.


The Future is Bright

We continue to invest in our partners and our ecosystem by working on: 

  • Improved docs, enablement, DevRel teams and best practices guidance.
  • Easier content deployment and management.
  • A brand new partner management portal for all Palo Alto Networks partners.

We’re grateful to all who have worked with us already, and to those who will join in the future. We literally could not be the most open and extensible SOAR platform without our partners. 

Learn how to become a technology partner today.

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