Palo Alto Networks Expands Cloud Hosting Locations to the UK

Jul 08, 2020
2 minutes

United Kingdom flagWe are excited to announce a new cloud hosting location in the United Kingdom for Cortex XDR, WildFire and Cortex Data Lake. Our expanded presence allows customers in the UK to defeat the most advanced attacks with best-in-class prevention, detection and response capabilities while simultaneously addressing their data sovereignty and privacy needs.

Cortex XDR, the industry’s first extended detection and response platform, empowers customers to stop sophisticated attacks by integrating their endpoint, network and cloud data. With the addition of our new cloud hosting location, Cortex XDR customers based in the UK can now meet their data residency needs by storing Cortex XDR data within their geographical borders. In addition, UK-based customers can collect, transform and integrate their security data with Cortex Data Lake

Similarly, data residency has been top of mind for our UK WildFire customers, particularly those within the public sector and other verticals with strict policies that restrict sensitive data from leaving the UK. Regional WildFire clouds address these data residency needs by offering customers more control over the location of their data. All regional WildFire clouds provide consistent malware detection and prevention capabilities. Storage, distribution and analysis of customer submissions can be configured to keep data within a defined region. With this investment, Palo Alto Networks has added the UK to its cloud hosting locations – which include the United States, the Netherlands, Singapore and Japan – with plans to introduce more in the future.

A new cloud hosting location in the UK augments locations in the United States, European Union and Asia. The map shows the locations of cloud hosting for WildFire, Cortex XDR and Cortex Data Lake.

Palo Alto Networks Service Cloud Hosting Locations
Cortex XDR and Cortex Data Lake Netherlands, United States, United Kingdom
WildFire Japan, Netherlands, Singapore, United States, United Kingdom

Investing in local cloud infrastructure is part of our continued commitment to customers around the world, helping them stay secure wherever their data resides. Now, Palo Alto Networks customers in the UK can address their privacy needs when using Cortex XDR, Cortex Data Lake and WildFire.


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