Navigating Cybersecurity in a Social-First Campaign

Oct 31, 2023
3 minutes

The Cyber Talk Series

Introducing, “Cyber Talks” – our collection of videos that distill complex cybersecurity topics into simple to understand videos. Inspired by everyday life and the talk, because bad cybersecurity hygiene can lead to unwanted situations.

This collection of social-first videos, launched during Cybersecurity Awareness month, follows Polly-Anne Newman (hint: there’s an Easter egg in there if you’re paying attention), who breaks down complex topics for her parents, friends and co-workers. Topics include everything from ransomware, the importance of encrypting important files, and staying up to date with your IT protocols.

These videos are rooted in current cybersecurity best practices and portrayed via the very platforms you interact with daily (i.e., texting and video chat). They will hopefully equip you with the information you need to have the cyber talk with the important people in your lives during Cybersecurity Awareness Month and anytime after.

So, have the Cyber Talk. It’s not as bad as you might think.

Texting with Mom and Dad

We’re reversing roles and giving our parents the talk. What could go wrong? Polly-Anne explains to Mom and Dad why they need to update their phones, and how not doing so might leave them exposed.


Updating your apps for cloud security is like locking your front door. If you don't update, it's like leaving that door open for any and all criminals. Maybe that analogy will be one that your parents understand.

Video Call with Your Co-Worker

There is no surprise that ransomware is more prevalent than ever. It's 2023, and attacks are becoming more and more sophisticated and dangerous. This is all the more reason that Polly-Anne has to have the talk with her co-worker, Dave.


Unknowingly, Dave has opened himself up and the company to bad actors by not following his IT team’s protocols. His software isn’t up to date, nor has he taken his mandated security training. And, while AI is empowering with real-time detection, the bad guys are using it, too. So, Dave really needs to do his part to stay vigilant.

WFH Neighbor

Work from home is still a reality for some of us, especially Polly-Anne’s neighbor, who clearly is making the most of it. However, his computer doesn't seem to understand that he should have Zero Trust when it comes to public Wi-Fi or unsecured networks, otherwise he’ll open himself up to breaches. What’s a girl to do? Go next door and give him the Cyber Talk, so he can ensure his pitch deck is safe from prying eyes.

Helping Your Bestie

Complaining about your boss is a right and a rite (of passage) between friends, but even when you’re swapping stories with your bestie, it's important to not share anything that is private, confidential or unencrypted. Unencrypted files can open your organization up to massive vulnerabilities. You should also keep the work conversations to people at work.

Easy Solution

See, these topics aren’t scary or too complicated. Anyone can have “the talk” with co-workers, parents, your tweens, your… everyone. We’ll all be more secure because of it.

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