Managed SD-WAN Services for MSPs Unlock New Revenue Streams

May 16, 2024
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Businesses are adopting cloud-driven services at an unprecedented rate and utilizing SaaS apps to deliver their services. With the hybrid workforce here to stay, enterprises are challenged with securely delivering an exceptional user experience. To navigate this journey, organizations are turning to managed service providers (MSPs) to act as trusted advisors and guide them through product selection, deployment, and implementation.

However, MSPs often face several challenges with legacy solutions that fail to address the demands of today's branch. As a result, MSPs need to consider adding managed SD-WAN services to their portfolios to deliver flexible networks that provide WAN capacity, direct access to all apps, and secure users, apps, and devices while simplifying IT teams' operations.

Palo Alto Networks Prisma SD-WAN provides flexible and resilient connectivity on any WAN, offers Zero Trust security for users, apps, and IoT devices, and automates Day 2 operations with AIOps. When offering managed networking services with Prisma SD-WAN, MSPs can take advantage of:

  • A-la-carte networking tiers
  • Data center and per-branch bandwidth options
  • Subscription add-ons for zone-based firewall (ZBFW), WAN clarity reporting, and more
  • Ability to offer bandwidth on demand
  • Flexible licensing that allows MSPs to purchase an individual license per tenant, purchase multiple licenses, or a license pool
  • Hierarchical multitenant cloud management portal that provides management for service creation, automated workflows, and aggregated networking and security insights

By partnering with Palo Alto Networks, MSPs can deliver comprehensive SD-WAN services to their enterprise customers, take advantage of predictable revenue streams, and reduce capital expenditure and operational costs by simplifying and consolidating networking services with a usage-based model.

Drive Higher Profit Margins with Value-Added Services

Enterprises depend on IT operations to maintain network connectivity with little to no latency. But when service interruptions and outages occur, IT teams often turn to complicated workflows and siloed data from disparate tools, delaying incident detection, diagnosis, and resolution.

With Prisma SD-WAN, MSPs can assess their customers’ network and infrastructure from a unified dashboard, automate complex operations, and accelerate incident detection and diagnosis to remediation. As a result, MSPs can gather complete insights into network performance and end-user experience, deliver customized value-added services with higher profit margins, and build their offerings through a delivery-as-a-service model.

Generate New Revenue Streams with Single-Vendor SASE

By offering Prisma SD-WAN, MSPs can help their customers as their environment grows and expand their footprint into a full SASE deployment with Prisma SASE, an industry-leading solution.

Prisma SASE supports multiple business models, such as on-premises, hybrid cloud, and branch offices, and enables excellent upsell opportunities. MSPs can start with Prisma Access for their security service edge (SSE) offering or Prisma SD-WAN for networking, and then expand the opportunity to a full Prisma SASE deployment.

Prisma SASE for MSPs enables MSPs to deliver best-of-breed networking and security through a single solution purpose-built for agile enterprises. It consolidates multiple point products, including ZTNA 2.0, Cloud SWG, CASB, FWaaS, and SD-WAN, into one integrated service, enabling MSPs to protect their customers' access and data.

A multitenant cloud management portal allows MSPs to onboard new tenants quickly and easily deliver differentiated, value-added services. With open APIs, MSPs can seamlessly integrate with their backend infrastructure and automate configuration and management, providing the greatest flexibility and simplicity.

Key benefits of Prisma SASE for MSPs include:

  • Integrated SD-WAN that delivers an exceptional user experience by providing flexible connectivity on any WAN carrier for resiliency, App SLAs to intelligently steer traffic for all apps with centralized management
  • Automated Day 2 Ops that leverage AI/ML for faster issue identification and resolution, single pane of glass management for networking, security, and Autonomous Digital Experience Management (ADEM) providing end-to-end visibility and monitoring capabilities
  • Superior security with ZTNA 2.0 through Prisma Access (SSE) that provides best-in-class security for all users, apps, and devices delivered through a cloud-delivered model that leverages advanced security capabilities

Learn more about Prisma SASE and how it can help accelerate your managed services business.


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