Prisma Access & Data Privacy: A Solution for Works Councils

Feb 16, 2024
3 minutes

Today’s large, distributed enterprises face an enormous challenge navigating the complex compliance requirements for safeguarding sensitive information. Multinational organizations must grapple with an intricate web of data protection and data privacy laws, while also needing to maintain employee trust.

Enter Prisma Access from Palo Alto Networks. Prisma Access helps large, multinational, distributed enterprises meet stringent data protection and privacy laws with a user-friendly, multitenant management portal built on a dedicated and isolated dataplane.

Challenges of Data Privacy for Multinational Enterprises

Works councils, European works councils, unions, and employee representatives can have a significant influence on how multinational, distributed organizations manage data processing and other privacy measures. These groups serve as intermediaries between management and the organizational workforce to:

  • scrutinize data management and decision-making processes.
  • ensure employee rights protections.
  • monitor policy and practice compliance with local labor, data, and privacy laws and regulations.
  • protect employee data privacy and security.

Navigating this intricate landscape demands a solution that offers robust data protection and aligns seamlessly with the diverse legal frameworks the work councils, unions, and employee representatives monitor across various regions.

Prisma Access: A Key Component in a Multinational Compliance Strategy

Prisma Access supports large, multinational, distributed companies in navigating the complex landscape of data protection regulations.

As a unified, multitenant solution, Prisma Access aids in safeguarding data and respecting user privacy across distributed work environments. Prisma Access enhances security and is part of a broader strategy that can help organizations ensure compliance with evolving data protection standards.

Prisma Access bridges data protection and compliance gaps with:

  • Customization: Prisma Access provides multinational organizations the ability to create hierarchical multitenant environments based on logical groupings that then allow for customization and granular access for each tenant. What’s more, Prisma Access allows superadmins to alter access levels for any tenant at any time. Prisma Access offers seamless integrations with customers’ existing identity provider (IdP), enabling admin authentication and authorization by leveraging the existing IDPs and role-based access control (RBAC) to ensure only the designated and identified admins have access to their tenants.
  • Advanced Security: Prisma Access enables enterprise admins to monitor and manage their organization across different regions where each tenant has a unique Prisma Access instance, also known as a dedicated Security Processing Node. This provides complete tenant isolation, security policy management, and per-tenant log separation with in-country and in-region log storage to help ensure compliance with in-country regulations.
  • Granular Visibility and Control: Prisma Access delivers a global dashboard that gives a bird's eye view for the superadmin, providing multinational organizations with granular control and unparalleled visibility into data flows. This helps ensure compliance and also grants insights into potential vulnerabilities, allowing proactive measures to fortify data protection.

Figure 1: The hierarchical multitenant architecture of Prisma Access allows organizations to create individual tenants with dedicated data planes based on specific attributes and context.

Empowering Multinational Enterprise Regulatory Compliance

By embracing Prisma Access as a multitenant solution, multinational distributed enterprises can confidently navigate the intricate realm of data protection and privacy regulations. Beyond compliance, Prisma Access becomes a strategic ally that helps fortify an organization's security posture and fosters a culture of trust and accountability among employee representatives.

Prisma Access is a viable solution to help multinational enterprises uphold the highest standards of data privacy, compliance, and security while enabling transformational change, innovation, and growth.

Please download our solution brief or visit our webpage for more information on how to address your multination enterprise’s data privacy needs with the multitenant capabilities within Prisma Access.


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