Titaniam Protect Ransomware Extortion Defense with Cortex XSOAR 

Jul 07, 2021
2 minutes

Titaniam and Cortex XSOAR are excited to share the new Titaniam Protect content pack and integration is now available within the Cortex XSOAR Marketplace. The Cortex XSOAR Marketplace accelerates the SOC team’s time to adopt the latest content, knowledge, and techniques for responding to emerging threats.

For a SOC analyst to be effective, they must have full access to a variety of data including, application logs, network traffic with IP addresses, and embedded PII data. This valuable data needs to be protected but also open and readily available to enable the SOC analyst to do their job effectively. Titaniam Protect is built to protect the privacy of valuable data without impacting usability or reducing solution performance. The Titaniam Protect content pack encrypts sensitive data in incident feeds using pre-processing rules. Decrypted information is only presented to users and playbooks with appropriate privileges.

The Titaniam Protect content pack is available with one-click installation from the Cortex XSOAR Marketplace and can be fully enabled on your data within hours. Additionally, the content pack comes pre-integrated with Role Based Access Controls defined from your Cortex XSOAR instance.

Titaniam Protect provides low-latency and high throughput performance, allowing cryptographic components to scale horizontally in a high-traffic SOC. The solution can plug into an existing key management infrastructure and seamlessly supports best practices such as frequent rekeying and periodic key rotation. This content pack further enables our customers to:

  • Fortify Cortex XSOAR store from breach, ransom and extortion by encrypting all sensitive data with FIPS 140-2 compliant protection.
  • Easily demonstrate GDPR and CCPA compliance with high-level encryption.
  • Conduct sensitive investigations around critical security events without compromising access to sensitive data.

Learn more

To learn more about this content pack, join us on July 29, 2021 at 9 AM PST for the “Cortex® XSOAR Marketplace Top Use Cases Webinar,” and discover how to use Cortex XSOAR and Titaniam to ransomware-proof your SOC!

Learn more about Titaniam at https://www.titaniamlabs.com

Be sure to attend our Top Use Cases Webinar to learn about Titaniam’s pack and see a real-time demo. Save your seat today!


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