Today, wireless networks are a ubiquitous part of every large network. Nearly every office and school must have the means to provide wireless connectivity to its users and a new generation of devices. In fact, BYOD trends show that users are selecting their own devices to use at work, and bringing them on to the corporate wireless network with or without the approval of the IT security team.

With wireless networks, there is no longer any vestige of being able to control network access by physical means. As a result, the access point has to provide enterprise-class authentication methods to identify the user and the types of devices associating to the network. But what happens once the user establishes connectivity? Unfortunately, for many organizations, there’s no way to control what the user and device accesses, compounding the problem of making your wireless environment safe for BYOD devices.



The solution is to leverage safe application enablement principles from the Palo Alto Networks next-generation firewall. Palo Alto Networks partners with wireless network infrastructure providers to utilize the user and device information provided as the user associates to an access point. The wireless infrastructure controls the authentication, and the next-generation firewall applies policy based on the context of application, user, content, and device.

Now you can be very specific on the types of applications and content a particular user can access from a given device, and allow IT to make BYOD safe on your wireless networks.


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