Traps Advanced Endpoint Protection Launches in Japan

Today Palo Alto Networks is officially launching Traps Advanced Endpoint Protection in Japan, together with our local partners TechMatrix, Dai Nippon Printing (DNP) and IWI.

An advanced endpoint solution, when built right, should prevent and significantly eliminate both known and unknown threats across all applications. In an enterprise, that means a solution that can:

  • Protect against zero-day attacks that have no known signatures or behaviors
  • Compensate and protect unpatched or unpatchable systems
  • Consistently secure the growing number of applications from advanced cyber threats
  • Share real-time intelligence from both endpoints and network devices
  • Maintain real-time protection without the need for continuous manual updates
  • Maintain business flexibility and continuity while protecting workstations, servers and VMs

Click here for more on today's launch of Traps in Japan.