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Oct 13, 2017
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We are redefining how organizations adopt new security technologies with our new, cloud-based Palo Alto Networks Application Framework. The first app for the framework is Behavioral Analytics, which will empower organizations like yours to root out external attackers, malicious insiders, risky behavior, and operationalized malware in your network.

The Palo Alto Networks Behavioral Analytics service applies machine learning algorithms on log data collected from next-generation firewalls to profile user and device behavior and detect the telltale signs of an attack. Behavioral Analytics pinpoints anomalies indicative of:

  • Internal reconnaissance
  • Lateral movement
  • Command and control
  • Data exfiltration
  • Malware

To ensure that our new Behavioral Analytics application is the most powerful, accurate, and efficient service available, we are looking for Palo Alto Networks customers from a wide range of countries and industries to register for our beta program. By incorporating a diverse set of organizations in our beta program, we can collect more attack information and fine-tune our machine learning algorithms.

Register Today to Participate in the Behavioral Analytics Beta
If you are a forward-leaning Palo Alto Networks customer with over 300 users in your network, you may be eligible to join our upcoming Behavioral Analytics beta program. We invite you to take part in the next evolution of security by joining our beta. There are three ways to learn more about the Behavioral Analytics service and beta program requirements:

  1. Complete the online beta registration form.
  2. Contact your Palo Alto Networks account team.
  3. Email

Participate in the Future of Security Innovation

The Palo Alto Networks Application Framework aims to revolutionize how organizations consume and deploy security technology in the future; by participating in the Behavioral Analytics beta, you can become an influential part of this revolution. This program enables you to preview innovative technology and influence our future direction. Plus, with our network-based behavioral analytics and endpoint interrogation, we could find malware or attackers lurking in your network or legitimate employees performing risky behavior.

Register for our beta program today to help shape the future of our Behavioral Analytics service.

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