Thank You NextWave Partners

Jun 04, 2018
2 minutes

By now I hope you have had a chance to read our news release, announcing that Nikesh Arora will be joining us as our CEO and chairman of the board this week. Nikesh is a proven business and technology leader who played an instrumental role as Google’s Chief Business Officer in growing Google’s revenues from $2B to over $60B.

While I am retiring as CEO and chairman after nearly seven amazing years, I will move into a new role as vice chairman of the Board. As vice chairman, I will work with Nikesh on the transition and support the company as a customer facing resource.

I love this company and everything we stand for. Since day one, we have been a partner centric company focused on establishing strong, long-term relationships. You have been pivotal in making us the security leader we are today and are critical to our future success. I can’t thank you enough for your investment in and dedication to Palo Alto Networks.

Together we disrupted the cybersecurity market and as we enter the third evolution of our platform, we can’t succeed on this journey alone, we need partners. Our path will consist of the market’s best network, cloud, and endpoint security capabilities as well as software, massive data sets, analytics, developer communities and partner ecosystems.

I couldn’t be more optimistic about our future. We have a world-class channel team and a tech visionary at the helm with Nikesh. The people who make Palo Alto Networks your trusted partner in cybersecurity are more dedicated than ever to deliver on our core mission of preventing successful cyberattacks in the digital age.

Thank you for your partnership and support. It has been a privilege being your partner. I am excited about the future and remain committed to your ongoing success.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions. I look forward to staying in touch with you.


Best Regards,

Mark McLaughlin

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