Channel Scoop: October 20, 2017

Oct 20, 2017
2 minutes

With 11 days left in Q1 FY18, this week’s Channel Scoop will focus on directing you to content that will help accelerate the close.

  • Mark McLaughlin’s Blog Post on Fortune’s Future 50 List: In this blog post, Palo Alto Networks Chairman and CEO Mark McLaughlin shares our achievement of being named to Fortune’s Future 50 list and recognizes our customers and partners for helping to make this possible.


  • Gartner Peer Insights: Third party validation is a very powerful sales tool. Access subjective opinions from individual users on the PA-3000. Once on the Gartner Peer Insights web site you can access opinions /reviews of other Palo Alto Networks products.
  • Traps Prevents Microsoft Office Zero Day: Being aware of how to address current vulnerabilities is the type of knowledge that can push a deal to close. This blog post, does a great job explaining how Traps protects customers from a recent Microsoft Office vulnerability.
  • Access the Live Community: Knowledge is power. The Live Community with its timely discussions, relevant content and helpful tools could be exactly what you need to answer that final customer question before they sign your PO.
  • Security Roundtable: Understanding executive security concerns can accelerate the sales cycle. The Security Roundtable is packed full of executive content from C-suite global surveys to security advice for executives.

*To access content on the Partner Portal you must be a Palo Alto Networks NextWave channel partner and have a valid user name and password. Email to request Partner Portal access.

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