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Jul 02, 2018
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The Palo Alto Networks Log Forwarding app is now available on the Cloud Services Portal! Use this app to forward your logs from the Logging Service to an external Syslog server to achieve your long-term archive, SOC, or audit compliance goals.


Log Forwarding

The Log Forwarding app allows you to forward all logs from all Logging Service log sources: Traps and Firewall (including firewall logs generated by GlobalProtect cloud service). Or you can select a specific log source and log sub types to forward. For example, you could choose to forward only Authentication, User-ID, and Threat firewall logs, but not HIP Match, Data, System, or Config logs.

Log Forwarding is included with each Logging Service instance and does not require any additional license. You simply activate the Log Forwarding app from the Cloud Services portal and then you can add as many instances as you need to forward logs from each of your Logging Service instances.

To learn more about how to get started with the Log Forwarding app now, refer to the Log Forwarding App Getting Started Guide.

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