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Sep 26, 2018
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I just crossed the 100-day mark as the Worldwide Channels leader at Palo Alto Networks. I have truly enjoyed meeting partners and distributors all over the world and continue to marvel at the global team we have assembled to help solve the most complex cybersecurity issues of the day. Most important of all, I have learned what our mutual customers want and expect from us and our NextWave Partners. Without a doubt, the past 100 days have made it very clear to me that we have tremendous opportunity ahead and, to seize it, we must continue to evolve. Watch this video to learn more about where the industry is going.

Technology disruptions remain constant and the security industry continues to change. Digital transformation represents a massive opportunity for our partners. According to Gartner1 by 2021, cybersecurity services are expected to be an $80B business. Analysts predict that $13B of that will be cloud oriented2. Additionally, most experts believe that 50% of enterprise customers will use managed IT services3 to help manage their cybersecurity services. Prolific cloud adoption is transforming traditional IT provisioning methods, increasing the breadth of cybersecurity risks and creating new opportunities for cybersecurity services.

These industry changes have opened vast opportunities for our NextWave partners to maximize their profitability by delivering more service offerings, especially cloud services. Our mutual customers need a full range of services: pre-sales, planning, implementation, post-sales and managed services. They want a trusted advisor to help them build and manage a secure unified hybrid cloud model. Our mutual success depends on adapting and enhancing our NextWave Partner Program in response to the market and to help our partners capitalize on these new opportunities.

We look forward to working closely with our NextWave partners to identify and deliver enhancements that increase profitability initiatives, optimize systems and processes, and enable partners to capitalize on new services opportunities. We are committed to providing tools, training and resources to help our partners grow their cybersecurity services business.

Today we are stronger together, have a powerful story and tremendous momentum. FY19 promises change along with vast opportunities for growth. I believe that this is our time, a time for the award-winning NextWave Partner program to re-imagine, disrupt and adapt along with industry evolution and become the best cybersecurity partnership in the world.

For more information on how industry evolution is creating new opportunities for our partners, watch the replay of my keynote from the NextWave Partner Session at SKO19.


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