Protect your data across SaaS, PaaS and IaaS

An organization's data is often its core value (intellectual property) or a potential liability (customers’ private data). Unfortunately, organizations’ data spreads across multiple cloud storage environments and SaaS applications with varying levels of visibility and control, leaving the level of risk and exposure unknown.

Prisma™ enables discovery, classification, monitoring and protection of data with automated remediations before leaks can occur.

Why Prisma for cloud data protection

Data discovery and classification

Prisma automatically discovers and classifies data across your SaaS applications and multi-cloud storage environments with advanced DLP to give a complete picture of your data sensitivity.

Monitoring for risks

Prisma detects violations of security best practices as well as unusual behavior with policy-based monitoring and heuristics.

Automated remediation of exposure and threats

As new risks appear through data exposure or threat insertions, Prisma will automatically remediate them to ensure sensitive data stays private and exposure to threats is prevented.

Featured Products

Prisma SaaS

Automatically discover, classify, monitor and protect sensitive data across SaaS applications.
Protection for SaaS data

Prisma™ Cloud

Continuously discover, classify, monitor and protect sensitive data across public cloud environments.
Data protection for public cloud