Accelerate threat protections effortlessly

Disparate, non-integrated security controls lacking cloud context, fail to detect advanced threats and lead to alert fatigue among your security teams.

Prisma™ helps you with simplified security operations, continuous and effective cloud threat protections augmented with comprehensive cloud context. Watch the cloud threat protection video

Why Prisma for cloud threat protection

Protect and segment cloud workloads

Get granular visibility into your applications, apply network segmentation between cloud workloads and prevent advanced threats over network.

Detect and respond to threats

A ML-driven approach detects risks by correlating risky configurations, anomalous user and network activity, host vulnerabilities and threat intel gathered from multiple data sources. Automated response helps in simplifying security event triage.

Expedite security investigations

Prioritizing risks becomes effortless with the right cloud context for security teams. Incident response is expedited by providing a visual threat map that provides context on risks.

Featured Services

Prisma™ Cloud

Identify vulnerable hosts, detect sophisticated threats, expedite security investigations, and mitigate risk with automated response.
Protect your cloud environment


Get granular visibility into your applications, apply network segmentation between cloud workloads, and prevent advanced threats over network with inline protections from VM-Series virtualized next-generation firewall.
Enable inline cloud protections

Vulnerability Scan API

Scan container images for known vulnerabilities and build pipeline gates using customized security rules. Use Prisma Cloud Vulnerability Scan API service in your development environment and CI/CD pipeline.
Scan your container images

Automate responses to security threats

Auto-remediate or leverage integrations with external tools for automated and faster response to security threats with Prisma Cloud. Get more context about cloud risks to help prioritize threats that need action first. See integrations