Embed security in your application development workflow

Automate the protection of your apps and data

Palo Alto Networks makes it easy to automatically deploy and integrate advanced security capabilities into today’s dynamic multi-cloud environments, so you can eliminate security bottlenecks and better protect apps and data in the cloud.

A three-phased approach for maximum benefit

Security is a shared responsibility in today’s cloud environments. This means that you, not the vendor, are responsible for protecting your apps and data in the cloud. With the ability to automatically embed advanced security capabilities in the cloud environment, security teams can eliminate the bottlenecks development teams often encounter, enabling you to protect your apps and data.

Through our phased approach to automation, your organization can fulfill its role in the Shared Responsibility Model and improve its overall security posture in the cloud.


Prevent successful attacks with automation

Automate security with Terraform & Ansible

Learn how Terraform®, Ansible® and VM-Series automation features allow you to embed security in your application development workflow.

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Embed security in CI/CD workflows

Find out how Palo Alto Networks uses CI/CD principles to automate VM-Series deployments and updates.

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Automate the creation of secure developer environments on AWS

See how Gigamon®, the leader in network visibility offerings, used automation to enable touchless creation of secure developer VPCs on AWS®.

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VM-Series: Accelerate your cloud adoption securely

The VM-Series is a virtualized form factor of our next-generation firewall that can be deployed in a range of private and public cloud computing environments. Embedding the VM-Series in your application development lifecycle to complement native security and automate cloud security tasks enables you to protect your apps and data – and accelerate cloud adoption safely.

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Public cloud automation resources

In public cloud deployments, automation allows customers to move toward more rapid and iterative application development methodologies. Using a combination of third-party tools and PAN-OS® features such as the API and Dynamic Address Groups, you can fully automate the creation of your cloud environment, along with the deployment and configuration of the VM-Series firewall.