Accelerate adoption by preventing data loss and business disruption

Protect Alibaba Cloud workloads, prevent threats and data loss

VM-Series on Alibaba Cloud is a virtual next-generation firewall that brings advanced threat prevention and safe application enablement capabilities to Alibaba-based virtual infrastructure.

Adopt Alibaba Cloud with confidence

Alibaba Cloud infrastructure can help accelerate your business expansion across Asia – if you can be sure your cloud-based workloads are safe.

Native Alibaba Cloud security features establish a baseline of protection and control, but today’s attackers are increasingly sophisticated. The VM-Series complements native Alibaba Cloud security by reducing your attack surface through application enablement, preventing threats and stopping data exfiltration.

Multiple use case options, flexible licensing

The VM-Series can be deployed on Alibaba Cloud to address several different use cases, including hybrid cloud for secure enablement of application development and testing; as a segmentation gateway for separation of security and compliance; as an internet gateway to protect production workloads; and more. Both the “bring your own license” model and VM-Series Enterprise Licensing Agreements are supported.


Leverage the deployment flexibility of the
VM-Series next-generation firewall


Firewall Gateway

The VM-Series can be deployed as a gateway firewall and IPsec VPN termination point, enabling you to quickly and securely create a hybrid cloud that expands your private cloud or on-premises data center into Microsoft Azure®.
In this scenario, the VM-Series also acts as a segmentation gateway, controlling east-west traffic and preventing threats. As new workloads are added or change, VM Monitoring and Dynamic Address Groups enable your security policies to keep pace with the changes.

Segmentation Gateway

Cybercriminals are adept at hiding in plain sight, bypassing perimeter controls and moving at will across the network, whether physical or virtualized.
To improve security, you can deploy the VM-Series firewall as a segmentation gateway, using its application-level control and threat prevention capabilities to direct and protect the traffic moving between workloads.

Protect mission-critical applications and data

The VM-Series isolates your critical applications and data in secure segments using segmentation based on Zero Trust principles as a means of controlling access. Our zone-based policy architecture enables you to build access control policies based on the application and the user, effectively segmenting the applications and protecting east-west traffic between virtual machines.

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