Simply smarter protection for VMware-based clouds

VM-Series on VMware® ESXi™ and vCloud® Air™ is a virtualized next-generation firewall that spans VMware-based private, public and hybrid cloud deployments.

Next-generation security for ESXi and vCloud Air clouds

VMware virtualization technologies are redefining the data center by enabling workloads to run on public, private and hybrid clouds. But clouds can remain vulnerable to advanced threats – unless you increase the performance, scale and sophistication of your protections. The VM-Series adds new dimensions of security with advanced, automated features built specifically for VMware-based clouds.


Safe Application Enablement

Protect your applications and data from known and unknown threats

Identify and control traffic flowing into and within your ESXi and vCloud Air-based cloud infrastructure. Segment your infrastructure and enforce application and identity controls. Block lateral movement of known and unknown threats.


Automated Provisioning and Deployment

Automate provisioning and deployment of VM-Series firewalls

Leverage bootstrapping features to customize your firewall during the initial provisioning process. With this feature, any time a new workload is provisioned, next-generation security can be deployed simultaneously.


Dynamic Policy Updates

Drive security policy updates with Dynamic Address Group feature

Use a rich set of APIs that integrate with external orchestration tools and collect information about workload changes. Use Dynamic Address Groups to easily update security policies and keep pace with the changes to your virtualized workloads.


Leverage the deployment flexibility of the
VM-Series next-generation firewall

Firewall Gateway

The VM-Series can be deployed as a gateway firewall and IPsec VPN termination point, enabling you to quickly and securely create a hybrid cloud that expands your private cloud or on-premise data center into Microsoft® Azure®. In this scenario, the VM-Series also acts as a segmentation gateway, controlling east-west traffic and preventing threats. As new workloads are added or change, VM Monitoring and Dynamic Address Groups enable your security policies to keep pace with the changes.

Segmentation Gateway

Cybercriminals are adept at hiding in plain sight, bypassing perimeter controls and moving at will across the network, whether physical or virtualized. To improve security, you can deploy the VM-Series firewall as a segmentation gateway, using its application-level control and threat prevention capabilities to direct and protect the traffic moving between workloads.