Advanced Endpoint Protection Protects You From Dated Antivirus

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Despite attempts to pivot from outdated security methodologies, traditional antivirus (AV) continues to fail to prevent security breaches on endpoints, as evidenced by the rise in security breaches worldwide. Moreover, AV requires layers of products, saddling organizations with hidden costs that are often intangible, difficult to quantify or go unquestioned. Organizations should replace traditional AV with more advanced technologies that provide superior endpoint protection while complementing and easily integrating with a security platform for enhanced security.


The Costs of Legacy Antivirus

The effectiveness of signature-based file scanning has diminished as operating systems, networks and applications have evolved. Today, there are simply too many variations of new and unknown threats for a signature-based approach to identify and block them in a timely fashion. However, AV vendors still rely on traditional techniques and have only made incremental improvements in their malware coverage, while requiring multiple additional products to try to keep up. The additional products demand more maintenance, upkeep costs and burdens on staff. As a result, the costs of operating an AV system are growing.


Modern Endpoint Protection

Fortunately, superior technologies have emerged that eliminate the need for traditional AV. Seek an advanced security technology for endpoint protection that:

  • Recognizes prevention is the only effective, scalable and sustainable way to reduce the frequency and impact of cyber breaches.
  • Prevents known and unknown malware and zero-day exploits from subverting legitimate applications.
  • Automatically and natively integrates with a security platform and leverages global threat intelligence. 
  • Blocks exploits and malware, regardless of a system’s online status, network connectivity or physical location. 
  • Is transparent to users and makes minimal demands on memory, bandwidth and CPU resources.


Multi-Method Exploit Prevention

Organizations can now get complete endpoint protection that meets all the above criteria – without the hidden costs and administration hassles of traditional antivirus solutions. 

Palo Alto Networks Cortex XDR, the industry's first XDR platform, provides a multi-method approach to exploit prevention that combines several layers of protection to block exploit techniques and increase malware detection accuracy – without relying on virus signatures or resource-taxing scanning. Cortex XDR submits unknown files to Palo Alto Networks WildFire® threat analysis service, which continually analyzes global threat intelligence to identify and automatically prevent malware previously seen elsewhere.

Protect Your Endpoints with XDR

Traditional AV is no longer cost-effective or adequate for security. Enterprises need new strategies and more to holistically protect their valuable data from adversaries today and in the future. More specifically, they need extended detection and response (XDR). To learn the key tactics of modern attackers and the top three requirements for effective endpoint protection, download the paper The Next Step for Next-Gen Antivirus. After reading the paper, you'll know how to build an endpoint security strategy that can scale to address your future endpoint security needs.