Take an integrated approach towards cloud native security in AWS. Ensure visibility, prevention, governance, and compliance across your entire cloud native technology stack in AWS - including EC2, EKS, ECS, Fargate and Lambda functions.
Microsoft Azure
Enforce consistent security and compliance across your cloud native technology stack in Microsoft Azure. Simplify security operations with integrations into Azure Sentinel and respond rapidly to security issues to minimize the impact radius across Azure IaaS and PaaS services including virtual instances, AKS, ACR and Azure Functions.
Google Cloud Platform
Automate security and compliance across the entire build, deploy and run lifecycle of your applications running in GCP. Enhance the security posture of your cloud native technology stack with tight integrations into Google Security Baseline API, Cloud Security Command Center and Anthos. Secure your applications and data residing in GCE, GKE. Cloud Run and Google Functions.
Docker EE
Whether you are running Docker Community Edition or Docker Enterprise Edition, Prisma Cloud provides continuous vulnerability and compliance management capabilities, advanced threat detection, and powerful runtime protection.
IBM Cloud
On IBM Cloud, Prisma Cloud ensures that images and containers are free of vulnerabilities and compliance policies are enforced, while runtime protection and cloud native firewalls secure your environment and networks from threats.
Organizations leveraging Kubernetes as an orchestration solution trust Prisma Cloud to secure access control, pod-to-pod communications, container runtime, container image scanning, and host vulnerability security.
Enterprises across government, healthcare, financial services, and the intelligence community that use Red Hat OpenShift to build, deploy, and manage their containers use Prisma Cloud to provide complete, continuous security protection for their environments.
VMware Tanzu
With Prisma Cloud, organizations using VMware Tanzu ensure that cloud native applications running on Tanzu Application Service and Tanzu Kubernetes Grid are protected.
Enterprises using Rancher to manage and deploy applications on Kubernetes use Prisma Cloud to provide complete security and compliance for their environments.
Alibaba Cloud
Ensure continuous visibility, threat prevention and compliance across all your cloud resources in Alibaba Cloud. Confidently enable an integrated set of security capabilities across the entire cloud native technology stack including applications, data, network, compute and higher-level PaaS services in Alibaba Cloud.