Public Cloud Security & Compliance

Go fast, stay secure

Continuous security and compliance for your public cloud

Evident provides continuous security of public cloud infrastructure services and one-button compliance reports, enabling you to deploy applications confidently knowing the cloud is configured to meet your organization’s security requirements. Read the Evident At A Glance


Cloud security at the speed of DevOps

DevOps teams are eager to harness the public cloud to accelerate delivery of apps and services, but legacy security tools can’t keep pace. What’s needed is a more complete, automated, frictionless approach to securing public cloud deployments and validating compliance.

Evident from Palo Alto Networks brings speed, scale, and efficiency to public cloud security monitoring and compliance validation. Evident is fast enough to keep pace with the ever-increasing demands of DevOps, security operations and compliance teams. It delivers a uniquely effective combination of continuous security monitoring, compliance validation & reporting, and comprehensive storage security. Now teams can confidently develop and deploy new applications in the cloud faster, simplify security operations and continuously validate the compliance of their cloud infrastructure.


Continuous monitoring of cloud infrastructure services

Speed is of the essence for DevOps teams, today more than ever. The public cloud offers the speed and scale to support DevOps requirements, but security cannot be compromised. Evident was built for continuous monitoring of public clouds using the API control plane. By analyzing and prioritizing risks and policy violations, security and DevOps teams have a clear view of the risks in their cloud environment on an ongoing basis, throughout the application lifecycle.  

Using read-only access of the public cloud API, Evident securely collects data about your cloud services and continuously performs checks against security best practices, as well as any custom security checks you’ve defined, to determine if there are any potentially exploitable vulnerabilities.

Continuous compliance reporting

As compliance requirements increase and expand in scope - CIS, NIST, PCI, FedRAMP, GDPR, ISO, SOC 2, and more - security leaders, stakeholders, and industry regulators are demanding continuous measurement and validation of compliance status.

Evident delivers continuous, automated compliance audits and provides customizable one-click compliance reports. You can continuously monitor your compliance by cloud account and use click-through controls to resolve issues. Evident also enables you to continuously validate your overall public cloud security posture in the face of fast-changing configurations and development requirements.

Comprehensive storage security

Storage volumes within public cloud services are an often-overlooked source of security threats and attacks. With Evident you can discover and classify data within containers and buckets; evaluate your exposure based on policy; auto-remediate publicly exposed data; and quarantine malware – so you can be assured that your use of public cloud storage does not expose your company to new security vulnerabilities.

An integral part of comprehensive public cloud security

Evident is a critical element of the Security Operating Platform from Palo Alto Networks because it enables us to deliver the industry’s most complete offering for public cloud security. Our other cloud products enable you to:

Protect and segment cloud workloads.

Public cloud services such as Amazon® Web Services (AWS®), Google Cloud Platform (GCP), and Microsoft® Azure can provide greater agility, scalability and infrastructure consistency than traditional data centers, but the risk of data loss and business disruption remains. With VM-Series virtual next-generation firewalls, you can prevent advanced threats, radically improve visibility into your applications, segment your workloads, and scale automatically based on demand. So you can accelerate your move to the public cloud, safely.

Adopt advanced host-based protection

Cloud applications are constantly consuming multiple software components and services from various sources – including open-source communities. As new vulnerabilities are exposed, it is challenging to patch your apps instantly and ensure that you are protected from advanced threats. Traps™ advanced endpoint protection provides advanced host-based security to guarantee that the integrity of your operating system and application is not compromised.

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