Secure Application Delivery

VM-Series running on Citrix® NetScaler® SDX™ consolidates next-generation security and ADC services on an integrated hardware appliance resulting in the easy deployment and safe enablement of applications and the prevention of known and unknown threats.

Address Multitenant Security Business Needs

The joint solution provides dedicated per-application load balancing and next-generation firewalling services per tenant. In addition, REST and XML APIs enable real-time orchestration of individual technologies and capabilities in response to changing conditions. 

Protect your Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

VM-Series on Citrix NetScaler SDX delivers consolidated security and availability for Citrix XenApp® and XenDesktop® users with safe application enablement and Zero Trust segmentation of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI). 

The Palo Alto Networks® VM-Series on Citrix NetScaler SDX joint solution enables secure access to all types of applications, regardless of location, while blocking known and unknown threats. With the combined solution, organizations can achieve substantial infrastructure consolidation, and reduce costs and complexity, without compromising on functionality.

With the addition of VM-Series on Citrix NetScaler SDX, security, threat prevention, and ADC services can be consolidated on a single, virtual appliance. This addresses the unique application needs for enterprise and service provider multitenant deployments. The joint solution delivers the following benefits:

  • Secure multitenant cloud delivery
  • Mainstream virtual desktop delivery

Multitenant Cloud Delivery

The VM-Series integrated with NetScaler SDX provides dedicated instances of next-generation security and ADC for tenant-level firewalling and load balancing services. Mutual support for RESTful APIs facilitates the transformation to a multitenant cloud delivery model by enabling real-time orchestration of individual services in response to varied application requirements.


Consolidated Security and Availability for Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop

VM-Series on Citrix NetScaler SDX delivers secure access for virtual desktop users operating remotely, as well as Zero Trust segmentation of the virtual desktop infrastructure and resources in the data center. The joint solution provides an added level of security with safe application enablement for virtual desktop users on an individual user or group basis.




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