With knowledge comes power. Identifying applications within your virtualized environment, regardless of port, gives you unmatched visibility into your Microsoft® Hyper-V®-based deployment. Armed with this knowledge, you can make more-informed security policy decisions. 


Using the application as the basis for your VM-Series security policy allows you to leverage the deny-all-else premise that a firewall is based upon for both gateway and workload-to-workload protection. You can safely enable allowed applications and deny all others. 


In order to further protect your Hyper-V deployment, you can deploy application specific threat prevention policies that will block both known and unknown malware.

The VM-Series on Hyper-V brings safe application enablement and advanced threat prevention capabilities to protect Hyper-V-based virtual infrastructure in private cloud environments. VM-Series on Hyper-V includes support for Linux® Integration Services package for better integration with the hypervisor and visibility of virtual machine attributes. 

The VM-Series on Hyper-V can be deployed to address a number of different use cases, each of which takes full advantage of our next-generation firewall and advanced threat prevention features.


Firewall/Perimeter Gateway

For organizations embarking on a build-your-own cloud computing environment, the VM-Series on Hyper-V enables you to apply all of the Palo Alto Networks® next-generation firewall and advanced threat prevention features to the traffic traversing your cloud computing perimeter.


Segmentation Gateway

Cybercriminals are adept at hiding in plain sight, bypassing perimeter controls and moving at will across the network, whether physical and virtualized. To improve security efficacy, you can deploy the VM-Series on Hyper-V as a segmentation gateway, using its application-level control and threat prevention capabilities to direct and protect the east-west traffic moving between workloads.


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