Next-Generation Security Protection for SDDCs

VM-Series on VMware® NSX® enables you to deploy advanced security policies within software-defined data centers (SDDCs) to identify, control and safely enable data center applications, as opposed to port, protocol and IP address-based policies, while inspecting all contents for known and unknown threats.

Automated Provisioning and Centralized Management

The integrated solution allows for the automated provisioning and deployment of next-generation firewalls and advanced threat prevention, ensuring security stays in lockstep with your ever-changing, virtualized infrastructure. You can centrally manage consistent security policies across north-south and east-west data center traffic with Panorama™ network security management.

Dynamic Security Policy Updates

As virtualized applications are instantiated, they are placed in security groups in VMware NSX Manager, which are recognized by Panorama and the VM-Series. Security groups then become the basis of the advanced security policies that are deployed to each VM-Series virtualized next-generation firewall.

The VMware NSX and VM-Series integrated solution enables application-level micro-segmentation by extending the NSX basic firewall services to include comprehensive, next-generation firewall and advanced threat prevention capabilities via the VM-Series.

The joint solution enables customers to automate the provisioning of next-generation security, implement secure multi-tenancy, dynamically update security policies when new workloads are created or changed, and protect virtualized applications and data from known and unknown threats.

Automated Provisioning and Deployment

Integration between Panorama and NSX Manager allows a VM-Series virtualized firewall to be dynamically provisioned on demand. This means anytime a new workload is provisioned, next-generation security can be deployed simultaneously.


Dynamic Policy Updates

As workloads change, security policies will often lag or cause deployment delays. To minimize these delays, the integrated solution will exchange contextual information between NSX Manager and Panorama to drive policy updates. This results in a dramatic reduction in delays that may occur between workload changes and security policy updates.


Technical White Paper on VMware NSX and Palo Alto Networks VM-Series Integration

This technical document provides details of the VMware NSX and Palo Alto Networks integration, including descriptions of the components of the solution, and key use cases.

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Next-Generation Data Center Security Implementation Guidelines

Get this white paper for implementation guidelines and recommendations to deploy the PA-7050, the VM-Series for NSX and Panorama to protect your datacenter.

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Next-Generation Firewalls – Restoring Effectiveness Through Application Visibility and Control

This paper explores a combination of ongoing and emerging factors that are exposing a variety of deficiencies with current firewall designs. These issues and flaws are then used to establish the criteria that define the ideal solution: a next-generation firewall that incorporates application inspection at its core.

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