Go Fast, Stay Secure with Evident Cloud Security

As much as the cloud has simplified development and operations — it has complicated the task of securing our enterprise data. As you work to find solutions to help manage security across your ecosystem, you may end up in a very fragmented security architecture which can be impossible to operate.

Thankfully, if you take the right approach and address the fast-moving, dynamic nature of the cloud with automation, these challenges can be overcome...

  1. Don't compromise on security to leverage the full benefits of the cloud
  2. Provide consistent security anywhere your applications might be deployed
  3. Bridge the gap between highly controlled security teams and highly agile development teams
  4. Teamwork is critical

Evident provides the security automation that meets the above criteria.  We highlight a few of Evident's features:

  • Detailed risk report and guided remediation 
  • Managing the complete view of cloud risks identifying insider threats and user attribution
  • Codifying security policies through custom checks
  • Evaluating progress with historical reports

Michaline Todd - VP of Marketing at Palo Alto Networks
Berret Terry - Cloud Security Consultant at Palo Alto Networks