Our next generation security platform breaks down the barriers to enterprise adoption of public and hybrid cloud services. Our security platform prevents successful attacks on public, private and hybrid cloud infrastructure:

  • High scale perimeter defense
  • Zero trust segmentation of east west traffic
  • Pervasive security for the software defined data center
  • Zero touch security orchestration


Cloud providers secure their businesses using our platform, and are able to offer their customers strong security assurance that their assets are protected:

  • We prevent attacks from spreading across the cloud infrastructure.
  • We stop zero day malware from getting into the data center.
  • We enable the mobile, BYOD workforce to securely access the cloud.
  • We stop malware from executing on servers.
  • We enable zero touch security orchestration.
  • We enable profitable, scalable tiers of security services that support a broad base of business customers.

    • Our security platform is the only one that enables a positive security architecture, based on application, user and content. That is the foundation of Zero Trust security.
    • A software defined data center needs software defined security. Our virtualized platform family, rich set of APIs and integrations with leading orchestration systems enable security automation that is unmatched in the industry.
    • A complete solution. Our platform secures the perimeter, the data center core and the server end points under unified management and orchestration.
    • Our CSSP usage-based licensing enables profitable new business models. Cloud providers can offer on-demand, utility billing models for Security as a Service, and easily create tiers of security offerings that serve a wide variety of business customers.


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