Customer Spotlight: State of Colorado Sees Record Savings, Fewer Steps and Stronger Security

Oct 20, 2015
1 minutes

1443732187372Colorado grapples with more than 8.4 million cyber threats every day, growing in frequency and sophistication. Faced with those threats, the state's IT team identified that its previous mix of legacy firewalls and virtual private networks deployed across departments and agencies was becoming too costly and cumbersome to properly safeguard its critical information.

With the Palo Alto Network Next-Generation Security Platform, Colorado has increased visibility and control over its network traffic, improved the efficiency of its firewalls with a 40 percent faster traffic flow, and reduced operating expenses by an estimated 76 percent. What's more, the state's IT department has saved 60 hours of staff time per week thanks to simplified administration -- and is seeing a projected savings of $1.3 million from resulting consolidation.

I invite you to read all about the State of Colorado's network security overhaul here, including its selection of Palo Alto Networks PA-7050 next-generation firewalls and why Colorado's team deemed it important to have a security solution that "goes far beyond just a couple of big iron boxes."

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