Customer Spotlight: Sielte SpA Achieves a New Preventive Security Posture

Jun 06, 2016
2 minutes

SielteSielte SpA is an international cloud-based information and communication technology (ICT) service provider that provides telecommunication and energy systems across fixed networks, mobile and wireless networks, and equipment and systems.

Sielte has over 500 customers operating in its cloud, encompassing approximately 10,000 devices and a wide range of applications. With such high levels of activity, Sielte has to be constantly vigilant against cyberthreats.

The increasing pressure from its customers, combined with a breach to its previous Cisco firewall, prompted the company to seek a new network security solution. Sielte chose to deploy Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Security Platform in its data center in Catania, Italy.

Sielte’s deployment of the Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Platform included the PA-5050 Next-Generation Firewall as an Internet gateway for network security and segmentation, as well as subscriptions for Threat Prevention, URL Filtering (PAN-DB), and WildFire. Through this holistic approach, Sielte successfully established a preventive security posture to proactively identify and avert cyberattacks. In addition, the new platform increased their network performance by 150 percent, enabling greater throughput to support the highest number of concurrent user session, and reducing security administration time by 20 percent.

“Working with Palo Alto Networks gives Sielte a great advantage for expanding our cloud business,” Dr. Salvo Rosa, Sielte’s chief security officer, says. “Palo Alto Networks is a clear leader in security innovation, and as a partner, we will have exposure to their latest technology to protect our customers from the most advanced cyberthreats. We see partnership with Palo Alto Networks as a very important vehicle for increasing customer confidence in Sielte, attracting new customers, and opening new markets to help our business grow.”

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