Palo Alto Networks Awarded “Resilient Supply Chain Partner of the Year”

Feb 26, 2016
2 minutes

We are honored to have recently been selected by the Global Supply Chain Resiliency Council as the winner of the “Resilient Supply Chain Partner of the Year” award. The award ceremony took place at the 2nd Annual Global Supply Chain Resiliency Council and Awards Event on February 24, 2016. The event was attended by professionals across industries such as high tech, biotechnology, automotive, consumer electronics and life sciences (to name a few).

The Global Supply Chain Resiliency Council was formed to bring together supply chain risk management and resiliency practitioners with luminaries and thought leaders to advance the professional discipline through opportunities to collaborate, share best practices, and be recognized for innovation and leadership. According to the Council, the awards program is intended to recognize organizations and individuals that serve as role models and leaders in driving supply chain resiliency strategy success within their company, supply chain community, and across industries.

The Supply Chain Risk Management program, introduced after the natural disasters that hit both Japan and Thailand in 2011, caused us to rethink our supply chain strategies, which suddenly seemed extremely fragile. Supply chain disruptions are widely acknowledged now to be one of the largest threats to business. Through the support of our leadership, the Supply Chain & Operations team have been able to launch proactive risk assessment, quantification and mitigation programs to protect core areas of the business from major crises that are potential threats to the continuity of supply to support the production of our hardware portfolio.

Now in our fourth year, our team has demonstrated market leadership in supply chain visibility. Additionally, we’ve adopted a market-leading technology that allows us to institutionalize best practices by implementing innovative risk strategies and mitigation actions. At Palo Alto Networks, the Supply Chain & Operations team strives to achieve excellence through culture, collaboration and technology and we are very excited and proud to have been awarded the 2016 Resilient Supply Chain Partner of the Year.

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