Channel Scoop – July 8, 2016

Jul 08, 2016
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Channel Scoop

Sit back and relax. Let us do the information gathering and give you the channel scoop.

  • The endpoint market is in the midst of a massive transformation. Legacy antivirus endpoint products that only detect and remediate can no longer protect customers from today’s advanced attacks. Customers need endpoint security that prevents both known and unknown threats. Our NextWave Traps Specialization provides partners with a framework to develop the expertise required to successfully design, sell and implement an advanced endpoint solution. To learn more about becoming “NextWave Traps Specialized” go to the new Traps Specialization web page on our Partner Portal.
  • Make sure to read this week’s blog from Ron Myers, SVP Worldwide Channels, featuring his five areas of focus for fiscal Q4 2016.
  • Would providing your customer a report that pinpoints the specific applications and threats that are exposing their network to vulnerabilities be valuable in closing more deals? The Security Lifecycle Review is a valuable risk assessment service available to all partners that provides that exact visibility. To learn more watch this video.
  • Palo Alto Networks CEO Mark McLaughlin spoke to President Obama’s Commission on Enhancing National Cybersecurity. The focus? Prevention and driving up the cost of a successful cyberattack. Learn more by reading this blog.

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